band1The best band Guča 2008. and 2016.

Golden trumpet Guča 2004.

Bojan began his proffesional career on big stage in the end of 2004, in Cork, Ireland, on big folk festival, where his orchestra performed with famous Bulgarian female ensemble Angelite.

In the end of 2004, Bojan recorded his first CD called “Zlatni melos” (The Golden Melos) in Promocia production.

Since 2005, Goran Damnjanovic becomes his manager, and Agency Marvin becomes the authorized agency that represents Bojan Ristic Brass Band and manages its performances.

During the first year of co-operation, Marvin has organized concerts of Bojan Ristic Brass Band all across former Yugoslavia, most of them in Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In production of B92 Bojan Ristic Brass Band recorded 4 songs for the “Mile vs Music industry” series, in the beginning of 2005, and two of them, La Bamba and Maljciki, became the greatest hits on all the performances. Some of the best performances were with great stars of exYU music Severina and Valentino, as well as individual performances in Slovenia.

The greatest achivement in 2005 was appearence on The Nancy Jazz Pulsations 2005, great jazz festival in southern France, and many performances in Nancy, Metz, Montigany, Sarrebourg, Lunvilly during the period of 10-20th of October.

At the same time, it ment certain turn in Bojan’s career, and he began to play jazz and latino rhytm much more. In the begining of 2006 Bojan has performed several times in Romania, in Sarbului restorants in Sinay and Bucuresti, as well as in Greece, where the greatest performance was in Athens, on the Acropolis.

Bojan Ristic Brass Band was the first brass band to perform in the Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozoriste theatre in Belgrade after it’s restauration, at the anniversary of ProCredit Bank.

During the summer of 2006, BRBB made the great impression on the Kopar Nights festival, where more then 8000 people danced with Bojan’s beat for two straight nights on Stage No2.

The same summer, Magnifico featured BRBB in 8 of 12 songs on album Grand Finale, and on the great concert in Kranjska Gora.

Other remarkable performances in 2006 were: Kranj fest, Sezana fest and great performance in Celje on 18.11. in Zlatorog crowded with

10.000 fans, with Bajaga, Aki Rahimovski, Crvena Jabuka and Dragoljub Djuricic, band’s great friend and associate, whose music experience is included in every album of BRBB.

The BRBB finished year 2006 on main square in Krusevac, Serbia, performing with Dragoljub Djuricic in front of 5000 fans.

In January of 2007 Bojan Ristic Brass Band performed several times in France, in ex-Yugoslav clubs and restaurants in Paris, where the most popular music are serbian and latino.

Its longest tour the BRBB had from 20.02 to 10.03.2007 in northern Greece, during the carnival time in Kosani, Veria an Kastoria.

BRBB played for 18 straight days, usually more then 8 hours per day on city squares, clubs, restaurants, so the bands playlist was enriched with more then 20 greek national songs from western Macedonia.

In spring 2007 the BRBB established co-operation with Maria Serifovic, and played on the welcome parties at the airport and in front of City Hall in front of more then 150.000 people the winning song “Molitva” (The prayer), which Maria Serifovic sang with the biggest choir ever in Belgrade.

Later that year in July, on big concert of Maria Serifovic on Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade, BRBB was special guest, performing in front of 40.000 people.

Also in July 2007, BRBB performed with Tose Proeski in discotheque Aurora in Primosten on event that ended literally at 6 am, and the biggest hit was song “Nesanica”.

On the summer 2007, BRBB made a couple of tours across Slovenian seaside and Istra in Croatia, where band prooved itself as the most popular brass band in that region. As a result of that came two solistic concerts on main square in Izola and on Tartiniev reg in Piran in the end of the year.

Noumerous concerts in 2008 began with couple-thousand concert in Gospodarsko Rastaviste in Ljuljana, as part of Tourism fair in Ljubljana.

From 11.1 to 15.1., for Ortodox New Year celebration (13.1), BRBB played for 4 straight nights in sold-out(500 people) restaurant Gostičća Portal in Ljubljana.

During February and March the band played meny VIP private parties in Croatia (Zagreb, Split and Opatia) so it built well reputation with Croatian “Jet-set”.

As a result of winter activity came performance in discotheque “Ludnica” in Zagreb on 16. and 17.5. and meny contracts for summer on Croatian and Slovenian seaside.

One of the keypoints in band’s career was the decision not to perform during June, but to practice for summer famous festivals in Serbia. Intense practising for over one month and many performances without changing orchestra members came out with great results.

Bojan won the main award, “Golden Trumpet” on Vlasinsko leto festival, which is the semi-final of famous Gathering in Guca at the same time, by performing old national song “Kosi Marko travu detelinu” and his own song “Natalia’s cocek dance”. After that, followed the highlight of band’s career so far: on final contest of the 48th Gathering in Guca on 10.08.2008. Bojan Ristic Brass Band won award “The Best Orchestra of the Gathering” and became officially the best brass band in Serbia.

There were no time to celebrate because the band became its Croatia tour (Aurora – Primosten, Hemingway – Split and Opatia, Planet – Umag) straight from Guca

On Carlsberg Serbia anniversary party on 13.09. BRBB performed alongside Zvezde Granda (Young stars of Grand production, the best young folk stars in Serbia) in Celarevo, on main city square in front of audience of 20.000 people on the rain.

Later that month on 26. and 27.10. the band performed at the VIP private parties in Belgrade in restaurant Jezero and hotel Hayatt Belgrade, and just one day later BRBB played in Paralia, Greece, on main city square.

During November and December the band made couple of tours in Croatia and Slovenia, including performances in Slavonska Pozega (11.11.), Downtown – Celje (12.11.), Remezzo – Ljubljana(13. and 14.11.) and concert on Tromostovlje in Ljubljana (17.11.).

The New Year tour included performances in Planet Umag and Glow Portoroz. For Ortodox New Year BRBB played with Mile Kitic in Casino-Hotel Kongo in Ljubljana on 13.11., and later in January participated in the opening of Lounge Stars Club on 22.01., the biggest club in Kranj.

The first mini-tour in Bulgaria BRBB made by playing in discotheques and clubs in Perin and Sofia on 30. and 31.01.

After three years of making songs and preparing material, Bojan Ristic Brass Band recorded its second album named “Poludeli kum” (The Best-man gone crazy) in production of PGP RTS in the end of February. The band featured Dragoljub Djuricic on this album again, as well as couple more musicians, so there are overall 15 instruments playing songs on the album.

As a part of the promotion of new album BRBB played on TV Pink and TV Kopernikus in March 2009.

In April Bojan Ristic Brass Band began its co-operation with “Hemingway” clubs and restaurants in Croatia, playing with DJ Joe2Shine something completely new in this area – the House-Trumpet performance. The first performance was during the Croatia Boat Show in Split, in Hemingway bar crowded fith more than 1000 people.

In the second half of May the Band was performing in Slovenia:

14.05. Private party in Grad near Kranj
15.05. Lounge Stars Club, Kranj
16.05. Vanganelo near Kopar
17.05. Sports Center Stožice, Ljubljana
21.05. Private party Hemingway Opatija, Croatia- House – trumpet with Joe2shine
22.05. Opening of the sport aqua-park parka Ježica, Ljubljana
23.05. Zlatorog Hall, Celje
24.05. Private party, Celje
28.05. Opening of the grill-bar Vanča Vas
29.05. Hotel – pub Dijana, Murska Sobota
30.05. Concert in Pohorje – Maribor
04.06. Concert in Ptujske Toplice – summer swimming pool

Most of June the band was home preparing for the semi-final of Gathering in Guca in Surdulica, and a series of major concerts during the summer season.
26.06. the band performed on private parties in Kopar and Ljubljana.
27.06. the band held big concert ( more then 3.000 people) in hockey hall Pod Mežakljem in Jesenice, and an afterparty in Cafe Bar.

As winners the 48th Gathering in Guca 2008 Bojan Ristic had an obligation at the semifinals in Surdulica 2009 to hold a free concert on 09.07. in front of thousands of people in the center of Surdulica. Right after that the band has traveled to Greece on a concert on 11.07. in front of thousands of people in Aiginio 60 km west of Thessaloniki in the 3rd festival of popular music.

Only 16 hours after concert in Aiginio, the band competed in Surdulica on semi-final of Guca, on 12.03. and ensured its place in the finals of the Gathering in Guca 2009. The very next day BRBB held concert at big Carnival in Vrnjacka Banja on main stage, in front of 5.000 delighted fans, and the concert was broadcasted live on local TV station. In the beautiful ambience of the Old City of Celje, on 16.07. BRBB held a magnificent concert for 1,500 people as the participant in Veronika’s Nights festival, and a large number of fans unfortunately listened to a concert outside the walls of the Old City, because of the small space. The same night BRBB performed in Hemingway Bar in Opatia on VIP private party. The July tour, which included 5 countries, over 6,000 km and 10 appearances, the band has completed on 17.07. performing famous house-trumpet with DJ Joe2shine in front of more than 3.000 mostly foreign guests, who literally danced until dawn on the Fashion TV party in Hemingway Bar in Split. After ending very exhausting tour in July, the band decided not to perform before the Finals of the Gathering in Guca, so they could be fresh for playing in Guca in August.

During the 49th Gathering in Guca BRBB had numerous activities:
07.08. 12h Press conference in Center for culture in Guca.
07.08. 17h performance in front of Center for culture, and the same evening, after 20h they held concert as the last-year winners – “THEY WON – DESERVINGLY”
08.08. From 14h the mini-concert on small stage next to Hotel Guca. The Midnight concert on Main stage on the Stadium, in front of 70.000 people.
09.08. Performance at the Finals of the 49th Gathering in Guca, starting at 15h on stadium in front of 40.000 people. On the 49th Gathering in Guca, Aleksandar Jović, member of BRBB won his second price for the best bass player – “The best bass trumpeter”. The second half of August and beginning of September BRBB spent on the grand tour of Croatia and Slovenia, in which he played:
20.08. Club Saint & Siner, Poreč, with DJ Joe2shine
21.08. Hemingway bar, Split, with DJ Joe2shine
22.08. Hemingway bar, Opatija, with DJ Joe2shine
25.08. Discotheque Plava Laguna
26.08. Vila Club, Poreč
27.08. Ptuj – main city square
28.08. Party Maxima trade center, Murska Sobota
29.08. Ptujske Toplice aqua park
03.09. Kobarid Rafting club Lazar
04.09. Kobarid Rafting club Lazar
05.09. Ajdofčina

In October BRBB held 5 house – trumpet performances with DJ Joe2shine:
02.10. Hemingway club, Split
03.10. Šibenik
16.10. Hemingway club, Zagreb
17.10. Hemingway club, Rijeka
30.10. Saint & Siner club Poreč
31.10. Solo concert in discotheque Lounge Strass Club in Kranj

By the second half of November BRBB played private parties and weddings in the “Kalemegdanska terasa” and Club “Jelena” in Belgrade, and house-trumpet performances with DJ Joe2shine on 20.11. in Hemingway Club Zagreb and on 21.11. in Inside Club in Sibenik.
04.12. Hemingway bar, Split with DJ Joe2shine
05.12. Night Club Koprivnica

Traditional Pre-New Year tour BRBB started on 11.12, and 12.12. in Opatia, performing in Millenium Hotel as guests on UGO Group anniversary, and continued by performing in Slovenia:
15.12. Club Zlatni Zob, Ljubljana
16.12. Restaurants Skrita Klet and Pod Vičom, Ljubljana
17.12. Casino Kongo, Grosuplje
18.12. Bauhaus BTC, Ljubljana
19.12. Gostiona Keršić, Ljubljana
21.12. Otočec near Novo Mesto
22.12. Gradbišće Stožice, Ljubljana, for Župan Janković
23.12. Tromostovlje, Ljubljana
24.12. Racetrack, Ljubljana
25.12. Discotheques X.M. i “12”, Ljubljana
26.12. Hemingway bar, Zagrab, with DJ Joe2shine.

Three-day New Year-tour (31.12.2009. – 02.01.2010.) BRBB spent in Romania, playing in restaurants Serbuli – Romani in Turn Severin and Bucharest. Traditional Ortodox New Year performances in Slovenia the band held in period 13.-16.01. in Ljubljana in Casino Kongo with Dara Bubamara, and in restaurants Keršić, Portal, Dubočica and in clubs X.M. i Remezzo. Latest information about Bojan Ristic

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